I have graduated from UNSW Sydney with a degree in computer science. As proof, you can see my Testamur, Transcript and AHEGS.

I do Game development and Animations as a hobby. I thought about getting some “actual” training on these two subjects but I think I will keep it as a hobby.

I also like animations. I used to work a lot with Adobe animation/flash but ever since they started charging for that as a service, i have been more inclined to use blender.

After reading https://manjarno.snorlax.sh/ i have switched from Manjaro to Endeavour OS. The main thing Manjaro had going for me was the GUI package manager. And then i came across an issue with OpenSSL, causing me to not being about to update my packages. Therefore i switched to Endeavour. In Future i think i will make the switch to Arch or Artix.

Things i want to learn (In no particular order):

Games i like

Film i like:

TV shows i like:

Music i like:

Interesting fact about me: Apparently, when i was really young, i used to watch “free willy” on repeat continuously. I could not talk at this age but i knew how to work the VHS machine. Also according to my parents, I could not talk until at the age of four. But hey, I Einstein was a late talker too: https://profound-answers.com/did-einstein-really-not-talk-until-he-was-4/ More on late talkers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Late_talker My Mum tells me how worried she was when i was young and not talking. She took me to every Specialist she could see. They did a bunch of tests on me - Made sure i was not deaf. I think they went on to find nothing. No explanation. I think there were fears that i was Autistic or had a Disability. I am glad to announce that i turned out fine. I am very happy for myself and my family.

I wonder if i should do a “character stats” page for myself? Something similar to Cyberpunk character stats? Or Elden Ring?

Current PC build

Body (Strength)

Body (Stamina)

Body (other)

Yoga: Postures i can do: Touch toes? (Hopefully one day but not right now (22nd of Dec))


Technical Ability (Which in today’s world is the same as Intelligence?)

CCNA AWS cloud pracitioner RHSCA (Not today, but aiming for it.)


News that I follow

I tend to move away from legacy media and instead go for individuals stuff like