Hi my name is Alex and i currently work at vault cloud as a cloud Admin (Customer Technical support)

I have graduated from UNSW Sydney with a degree in computer science. As proof, you can see my Testamur, Transcript and AHEGS.

I am considering continuing my studies at AIE and specialise in Game Programming. For the longest time, i could always envision myself working as a game programmer. Right now i do this as a hobby - Self enrolled courses. I mostly use Godot.

I also like animations

After reading https://manjarno.snorlax.sh/ i have switched from Manjaro to Endeavour OS. The main thing Manjaro had going for me was the GUI package manager. And then i came across an issue with OpenSSL, causing me to not being about to update my packages. Therefore i switched to Endeavour.

Things i want to learn (In no particular order):

Games i like

Film i like:

Music i like:

Interesting fact about me: Apparently, when i was really young, i used to watch “free willy” on repeat continuously. I could not talk at this age but i knew how to work the VHS machine. Also according to my parents, I could not talk until at the age of four. But hey, I Einstein was a late talker too: https://profound-answers.com/did-einstein-really-not-talk-until-he-was-4/ More on late talkers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Late_talker My Mum tells me how worried she was when i was young and not talking. She took me to every Specialist she could see. They did a bunch of tests on me - Made sure i was not deaf. I think they went on to find nothing. No explanation. I think there were fears that i was Autistic or had a Disability. I am glad to announce that i turned out fine. I am very happy for myself and my family.

I wonder if i should do a “character stats” page for myself? Something similar to Cyberpunk character stats? Or Elden Ring?

h1[Body (Strength)]

h1[Body (Stamina)]

h1[Body (other)]

Yoga: Postures i can do: Touch toes? (Hopefully one day but not right now (22nd of Dec))