A bunch of animations i have created.

Software used:

The Majority of my animations are available on my YouTube.

Major works:

Walk the walk

Slush invaders tribute I think with this animation i got a little impatient. I remember i just finished my two year contract with Macquarie cloud services and i was incrediblity burnt out from work. When i left MCS, i had a goal to finish this animation off. It took longer than expected and i did not want to develop the habit of starting projects and not finishing them. Gildedguy has seen it and he loved it: Link to his reaction.

In this animation i have also implemented a “versioning control” type to keep track of my progress and to retain copies/backups.

Engagement with this animation was a bit weird - it never went viral, but it had a steady growth. As of writing, it has over nine thousand views (It’s pretty close to one million!).

Adobe animate file: Video can be see here: Adobe file can be downloaded here:

Animation vs You (The Viewer) A fan animation copying the formula of Animation vs Animator by Alan becker. I was happy to have shared this with Alan becker - He replied and shared the animation on his facebook page. I believe the video went viral because soon after Alan released his next video in the series “Animation vs YouTube”. This was my first video to surpass one million views. As of writing it has surpassed two million. I doubt it will grow after that. Video can be see here: TODO Adobe file can be downloaded here: TODO

Epic StickFigure Battle - Oct 26 2016 Originally this one was going to be named “AwesomeA vs Saminator” or “AA vs Saminator”. I had a good friend Samitha Balasuriya who i went to high school with. I thought it would be cool to work on an animation featuring myself and him battling. I think another part of it was the music. I remember listening to the music and thinking “Wow this is cool”. I Imagined an epic battle with this music and i guess i brought it to life. According to my notes - This was done in 3 months I look back at it now with slight cringe but great fondest. Youtube link: Adobe animate files: