Games i have made


I am really proud of this one because this is a game that i created without following a tutorial or youtube series. I did this on my own and using free online resources to do so.


Made in 2023. For this year i will aim to make one game a month. Starting from small simple games and progressively get larger

This short game was made in godot 3.5

Main takeaway from this project (What did i learn?)

I learnt the difference between reflecting a vector2d and bouncing a vector2d.

What could i do to improve?

I feel like setting the x position of the player paddle every frame is not great. There should be a better way of clamping the paddle on the y axis. However if i did not do this, the ball would apply a force to the player paddle and then it would eventually move out of the screen.

I think when exporting to HTML, i do not need an exit button on the main menu.


Or as i like to call it “Brick breakers”. I thought this project would be easy going in since Breakout is a variation of single player pong. However one challenge i came across is that the ball’s code needs to be abstracted. This is because there can be multiple balls in a game scene.



After finishing breakout, i had a choice between two games to work on. Space invaders and Snake. I decided on Snake since it seemed to me to be the harder choice.

The hardest part was getting the blocks to follow each other in a snake like fashion.

Things to do in future?