God of war vs marvel

This has been on my mind for a while and i decided it would be better if i put it down on paper instead of it staying in my head.

On thing i want to compare between the two is the “Shield fall” stunt. The idea is that the protagonist falls from a great height and breaks their fall through the use of a shield. I think it is important to say, the use of a shield in this manner does not break the fall. If you want to break your own fall then i would recommend taking up Judo or BJJ.

The two stunts below are timestamped

Captain America doing the stunt in winter soldier: https://youtu.be/QF38tMQ7HaE?t=152

Kratos doing the stunt in god of war (2018): https://youtu.be/ea7eWFbncU0?t=321s

I think the clear winner is god of war. And i am not saying that “oh Kratos fall height is greater than Captain America’s and therefore it is better.”

First thing - Steel beams (They are not steel beams) don’t break like that in the way that Marvel has done it. Steel is more elastic than it is brittle. Steel is also better for Tensile rather than compression.

The Reaction from the stunt is also one thing to consider. Both Protagonists are “hurt” from the stunt. Yet i feel Kratos gives a way more genuine performance. (He is a god after all). While Captain America acts like he is really hurt - but then walks it off? We see the sheer will of Kratos as he looks up to the falling dragon and see’s Baldur with his son. Once he knows that they have landed in the center (whats the name of this place?). He runs towards his target.

Also what happens next after the stunt? Both Protagonists “move” from the area. Captain America is fleeing. While Kratos is running towards a goal.

The action never stops with god of war. Santa monica have somehow turned krato’s running along with his running grunts entertaining.

Meanwhile - Captain America finds a bike (I don’t know how) and flees the area.

God of war’s One camera shot through out the entire game is very technically impressive and a marvel to look to.