Introduction to Hacking


This is intended as a Christmas Gift to Jad. However i see no reason as to why it should not be public. At the end of the day, It is just my own ramblings. However i do think i am qualified to offer some sound advice on the topic of security. After all, i have been working in IT.

You need to understand that this field will be a life long of learning. You will have to grow/expand your technical toolkit to understand basic things. Sometimes it will be very frustrating. Fall in love with the process, not the end result.

You have to be technical.

And even then, there is no guarantee you will get into Security. But you will have a good chance at getting into IT at the least. So that is a start. Getting online Certificates increases your chances of getting into IT. CCNA is one example that will help you understand networks.

I remember when we had dinner in Canberra i said to you “You should learn Linux” to which you replied “Yeah, everyone has told me to use Linux”. But it seems like you don’t know how to start. I think for your first Linux Distro, you should use Ubuntu: It is also easy to install into a machine. Any YouTube tutorial will do.

You could go for Kali Linux, but that is just like any other Linux with a bunch of OpSec tools.

I also hope you enjoy the book i got you (Permanent Record by Edward Snowden). I know i will be purchasing another copy for myself to read through.

Free Resources you can find on YouTube:


If you want a more complete list. I found a pretty good resource online: