My Game of the Year 2023

It would be Armored core 6.

There were certain moments in the game where i was in Awe. Namely.

I never felt hard stuck with this game the same way as Dark Souls or Sekiro. Sure I would grind and farm money for better gear, but that is really about it.

Armored core 6 was a lot of fun a had in a while. Fast paced action game.

Lets looks at the nominees for game of the year 2023. I will give my thoughts on each game (Even though I have not played it).

#h3 Alan wake 2

The criticism here is that it is not as shallow as a pond, it is as shallow as a puddle.

#h3 Baldur’s gate 3

I’ve played through Baldur’s gate 3 from start to completion. I did this with a custom character doing a monk build. (level 9 Monk and level 3 Rogue). I copied this build from YouTube (Nizargg). Dispite that - I still have a few issues with this game.

Save scrumming - The act of saving and reloading the game over and over again, until you get what you want.

Turn based combat will always be slow - And all the combat in this game is turn based. It is also chance based too.

#h3 Marvel’s spiderman 2

First I would like to state that I liked the original model faces from the first game over the second game.

Another criticism of the game I have seen is that Spiderman 2 is too similar to the first game.

I think the reason Spiderman 2 failed so hard is because of Sweet Baby Inc.

#h3 resident evil 4

Watching the comparsion between the old game and the newer game. I prefer the old game. It had soul.

#h3 super mario bros. wonder

Never played super mario bros. wonder. But given that it is nintendo, it is only available on the switch.

#h3 The legend of zelda: tears of the kingdom

I have touched this game a little bit (Thanks Amita!). But never got really invested into the game.

Since Baldur’s gate 3 is game of the year for 2023, I will play it from start to end and then give my thoughts about it.

Update! - I am having a few technical issues with playing Baldur’s gate 3. I am running the game with low graphics and frame capped at 30 fps.