I love Sekiro

I love this Game. This might be a game where i will earn all the achievements in the game.

When i first got this game, I thought i would struggle hard. And i was right. For a long time, i was stuck on Ogre boss fight and Shinobi Hunter. Then i was stuck on Lady butterfly.

There is a really good quote out there on the internet that i really like about Sekiro. I think it highlights what makes Sekiro different to other games.

In Sekiro you don’t level up Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Charisma etc. Instead you have two stats

You can also acquire Prosthetic Tools and Combat Arts. Both of which can change your gameplay.

Prosthetic Tools also require Emblems. And can help counter particular enemies. If they have a shield, it can be broken with the Axe Prosthetic. If they are fast and airborne, they can be countered by a Shuriken. If they are on a horse or are beast type, then can be stunned by Firecrackers.

Combat Arts are basically very powerful attacks. Some of which use emblems to use. That way you cannot spam the Combat Art. Instead the player must carefully choose when to use it.

I love in the trailer from Sekiro. It ONLY features gameplay from the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXMX4YJ7Lks

By comparison most games don’t do this, instead they use a pre-rendered CGI to make their game more appealing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0zxlh63RtQ

This is a lesson that Hello Games learnt from their release of No Man’s Sky.

Sekiro does have an Opening Cinematic, but this is only to introduce the player to the setting of the game.

In Sekiro there is some much story telling via gameplay.

I have gifted this game to Oscar, a family friend of mine. I hope he enjoys it.

Now, is this game for everyone? I’m not sure. I can definitely see people get “filter” by particular bosses. It may seem that you could “hit a wall” in this game. I thought i would be stuck at Guardian Ape. But don’t give up! Continue to persist, and you will complete the game. Anyway, I highly recommend Sekiro.

I have beaten all the inner bosses.

The only boss i have not beaten is the Demon of hatred

One thing that i hate about Sekiro is the headless enemies. Terror status is so bullshit - It is instant death for you.

“Hesitation Is Defeat”