My Schedule

I do my best to follow this schedule. Although I usually miss 6am morning classes. 6am at Winter is hard due to the cold. I have my Monday and Wednesday mornings free, so I thought about going to Club de lutas to do 6am classes with them. However this will require me to use a car and be back in time for my mother to use. I am leaning towards not doing this since I would also like to save on fuel.

Other than this, I work my usual job that is 9am to 5pm. Sometimes I am oncall for work. And when I am oncall, ideally I should not leave the house in case I get called for work outside business hours.

Other times I have to skip my schedule due to birthdays, other events etc. The general rule of thumb is if the event is of lesser quantity than the schedule, then go to the event. For example, birthdays are once a year but karate training is every week.








Usually free, but events are usually held on Sunday. This might include running events (city to surf, Marathons, etc) and BJJ tournaments. There is Bikram Yoga on Sundays too.


I would also like to point out that accerler8fitness’s Boxfit is not boxing. I mainly do it just for the fitness aspect.